Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Newsboys Concert

My mom LOVES the Newsboys and their song, "God's Not Dead." Like.....LOVE, loves them. She asked if the kids and I would go to concert with her when they came to Wichita in February. I'm not a huge fan of concerts (or the Newsboys), but I said yes because she was so excited about it. My sister went too, so I figured we'd have a fun night out together even if the concert wasn't that great.

It was on a Thursday and it started at 7pm. I thought it would be a little 2 hour thing and then we'd be on our way. We got there around 6:30pm and it was already SOOOOOO crowded. It took us awhile to find some open seats, but we got some pretty good ones close to the stage, just off to the left quite a bit. But the kids were excited (and so was Nana)!

They were selling these foam, light up sticks for $5 and of COURSE the kids each had to have one. I told them if they wanted it, they had to flag the guy down and give him the money. So they did!

 They were happy as could be with their little glow sticks and their Nana and Aunt Brookie. And also, apparently, my son thinks he's 15 now. He throws up deuces almost every time I try to take a picture.

The first hour and a half of the "concert" was some weird drama thing that they put on. We seriously couldn't understand a single word any of the people were saying and we had NO idea what was going on. I THINK it was supposed to be some kind of game show involving singing or something. Literally not sure what went on. The kids were getting so bored and so were all of us.

And then finally.....FINALLY.........it was over. And the Newsboys came on! Mom was so happy (can you see the light radiating from her face?....Just kidding--it's a spotlight. It was actually kind of hilarious because it shined right on her and only her for a solid 5 minutes).
 Like I said, I wasn't super thrilled about the concert, but it really did end up being pretty good once the Newsboys were out there! They put on a great show and their message was awesome. It did run a little late--I don't think we got out of there until 10:30pm. Obviously, Tessa didn't make it all the way through.
Tommy fell asleep with about 30 minutes left. The last song of the night was "God's Not Dead" and they were both asleep....I was so bummed. They love that song and that was the whole reason they wanted to go, but they were SO. TIRED. We ended up getting them partially awake so they heard a little bit of it, but not much.

Overall, it was a lot of fun! If we could've skipped the first half of it, it would have been perfect. I'd check their first concert as a success!

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