Friday, January 20, 2017

To Tommy, on your 6th birthday....

Where has the time gone? It feels like yesterday that I was writing a letter to you for your 1st birthday.....and yet, here we are celebrating your 6th year of life.

Tommy, there are so many things I could say that you've taught me, but the most important thing you've brought to my life is that you challenge me in every way possible. From the time you were born and made me a mom until just this morning as I was waking you up, you have challenged me every. single. day. Sometimes in good ways, sometimes in hard ways (and sometimes in REEEEAALLLY hard ways).

You have challenged me to be more selfless, more kind, more loving, more thoughtful, more patient. You have challenged me to be more active, more social, more involved. You've challenged my time management, my thought processes, my method for disciplining. Every thing I thought I knew or was okay with before you were born has been challenged.

And I'm a better person because of it.

You're an awesome little man! At 6 years old, you are 47 1/2 inches tall and 51 lbs. You are in size 6 slim jeans and size 6/7 or small shirt. You are tall and skinny! You wear a kids size 1 shoe and are currently obsessed with your cowboy boots. You wear them almost every single day. We pick out your clothes the night before and you always tell me if you want to wear a "fancy Chuck Norris shirt" (you're talking about your plaid cowboy shirts) or something else. It's hilarious that you want to dress like Chuck Norris in Walker, Texas Ranger. Nana got you started on that show and you LOVE it. Ever since you started watching it, cowboys are your thing!

You're really into sports. You like playing them, but complain about going to practice all the time. We're gonna have to work on that because you have YEARS of practicing if you want to keep playing sports! Football was your favorite. You're in basketball now and are begging to play soccer, so we'll see how that goes.

You would veg out and watch TV or play your nintendo for HOURS if we let you. You love Alvin and The Chipmunks and ask to watch it constantly. Luckily, after 30 minutes or so, we can get you distracted or send you outside and you're just fine. You really love being outside. You like to help dad feed and water the dogs and you guys ride 4 wheelers all the time to the airport or over to our land. You love being able to run all over and act crazy and be as loud as you want (and I love it too because if you aren't doing those things outside, you're doing them inside!).

You love to spend money. You couldn't save a dollar if your life depended on it. Every time you get money for allowance or birthday or Christmas, you spend it right away. And usually on a light saber or toy gun! Or Hot wheels. You have SO many light sabers and hot wheels that I sometimes think I'll pull my hair out if you get another one. You also love collecting little "treasures." Which means I usually find rocks in your pocket or some random thing you've found outside.

You say you hate school, but I'm not buying it. I think you hate waking up for school, but once you get there, you like seeing your friends and your teacher says you do a great job! At your first conference, the only complaint we got was that you were too quiet. Ha! If only she knew the real Tommy.....but since the start of the year, you've gotten much friendlier with the other students and have made a few really good friends that you like to hang out with. Jace is your best friend right now. You seem to do really good at math and reading, but are struggling just a tiny bit with your spelling tests. You take after your dad in that area (sorry Nick, but you know it's true).
Tommy, I could talk about you all day. But I know you'd just roll your eyes and say, "Stoooooop, mooooooom." So I'll wrap this up. You're not the perfect son by any means, but you are the perfect son for me! I love you so much and even though we butt heads (because we're exactly alike), I couldn't be prouder of the big boy you're becoming. Daddy and I love you!

Happy 6th birthday!

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