Thursday, November 3, 2016

Worst mom award

 My little girl is not a complainer when it comes to pain. She is so, SO tough. She can fall down and before she even jumps back up, she says, "I'm okay!" She rarely cries over pain.

One day, she started telling me that her tooth "hurted." In all fairness, at the time she told me, I was giving her brother his allergy medicine and after she said it "hurted," she asked if she needed medicine too. So I thought she was just trying to get medicine. I told her she was fine and we went about our day.

The next few days, she would casually mention that her tooth hurt. I finally felt around in her mouth and in the very back on each side, she had a hard lump under her gums. I assumed since there was a little lump on each side that she was growing her molars early or something like that. I gave her a little ibuprofen and called it good.

And then one night, she came into our room in the middle of the night just crying hysterically and saying it hurt. I gave her ibuprofen and an ice pack and made a little bed for her to lay on in our room. She tossed and turned alllllll night. She kept moaning and crying out. It was SO miserable for her. I just waned to take the pain for her! I know if Tessa is crying about it, it really hurts!

We finally both fell asleep for a bit. She woke me up the next morning and I think the first words I said were, "Oh, shit!"

This is what her little face looked like.........
The pictures don't do it justice. The whole right side of her face was HUGE. Her lower gum was so swollen, it looked like she had her tongue poking into it. I felt so, SO bad. I should've known as soon as she complained the first time that something was going on. I looked inside her mouth and her gums were so swollen, I almost couldn't see one of her teeth (the one she said was hurting).

I called the dentist and they said to bring her in right away. The assistant did some x-rays and then as soon as the dentist walked in, he stopped and said, "Holy crap, that's huge!"
She was such a trooper the whole time. While the ibuprofen was strong in her system, she didn't seem to feel too much pain, so the dentist was able to poke around quite a bit. He said she had a really, really bad infection. He wasn't sure what would have caused it (although she'd just had a cavity filled on that tooth about 3 weeks before that, so my guess is something went wrong with that). He gave her an antibiotic and said that if that didn't clear it up, we'd probably have to end up pulling it. I officially felt like the worst mom ever and kept thinking she probably could've avoided all of this if I had taken her in sooner!

Look at my poor little girl's droopy face.........
She was SO done by the end of that day. She'd done great all day, but once we got home, she was tired and hurting and ready to crash. She slept so much better that night with ibuprofen, amoxicillin and her ice pack! 

The amoxicillin started helping the swelling go down within 2-3 doses. We were SO thankful. Our little girl was back to her sweet self in no time and hasn't complained of any tooth pain again or had any swelling.

After that whole ordeal, I vowed to always take her pain complaints seriously!

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