Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Fall Carnival 2016

In September, Andover had their fall festival weekend and we got to go participate! I totally failed at posting this right after it happened, so the details are a little fuzzy, but I mostly remember it being a great day with our little family and our neighbors!

Tommy had a flag football game that morning. We ran home after it was over to grab a few things before heading to the carnival and Tessa Grace came out of the house like this.....
She said, "Mom, I got my purse packed. I have a toy, my wallet, my Bible and deodorant. I'm ready to go!"

Love that sweet girl!

We went downtown to the carnival and met up with our neighbors. We checked out a car show and just goofed around for a bit.


 We even met a few superheros...........

And then it was time for rides!!! I don't do rides. They make me too nauseous and anxious to enjoy them--so I take all the pictures!

 Nick and our neighbor decided they wanted to try the biggest ride there. These are their feet dangling 100 feet in the air.........
......reason #57897 that I don't do rides.

The kids DID talk me into the ferris wheel.
 It was not fun. I kept wondering how I would save both kids and myself when the bucket came unhinged and we started plummeting to our death........but the kids loved it! Yay for them!

Overall, it was a pretty perfect day. The weather was beautiful, the company was great and the food was delish! Hope next year's carnival is just as good!

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