Friday, June 3, 2016

Mother's Day 2016

Now that it's almost Father's Day, I figured I'd document our Mother's Day this year.........that's me. Always on time....ish.

My sweet hubs let me sleep in. I woke up to the smell of bacon and pancakes cooking (can someone figure out how to make this happen every day??). It was delicious! Please tell me you eat peanut butter on your pancakes too.......

After we had breakfast, we got around and headed to church. It was a great service and a perfect day to celebrate with our church family! It was kind of cloudy and stormy outside (which is my favorite weather EVER), so it was nice and cool and I remember the stained glass windows in the church looking beautiful and the thunder rolling every few minutes.

When church was over, we headed to Augusta to pick up pizza and then met our family over at my Granny's house. We all had a nice lunch together. And by that time, it was POURING down rain. So after we ate, we all just laid around for awhile and talked. It was nice! 

I got to open my presents from Nick and the kids around dinner time. Nick got me the most awesome crock pot (I asked for one). It's huge and it has locking handles, which was what I really wanted. He told me he had given each of the kids $5 to pick whatever they wanted to for me. I loved seeing what they got! Tessa picked out a delicious smelling candle and Tommy picked out what my Grampy used to refer to as "hooker red" lipstick! Ha! I about died when I opened it. I love lipstick, but usually stick to some milder colors. But he insisted I put it on, so here I am........sporting my red lips and lovin' on my babies......

It was a great Mother's Day!

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