Thursday, April 7, 2016

It's been awhile....

It's been quite awhile since I blogged last. Which I hate and love. Hate it because I completely forget all the little things that happen if I don't write them down. Love it because it means my life is busy and full!

Let's see.....since I last wrote about something other than a holiday, there hasn't been anything TOO exciting going on.

This hottie had a birthday (I won't share how old he is........but he was born in 1982, so you do the math).

Right before his birthday, we started turning our garage into a master bedroom. And it's finished now, but oh man, that was quite the project! We did all the finishing work ourselves (and by we, I mean mostly Nick). We laid the floors, painted the walls (FOUR COATS OF PAINT), stained the trim, hung the trim, framed out the windows, installed the lighting.........the list goes on and on. And my hubby worked his tail off several weekends in a row to get it done. 

And we LOVE IT!! It's nice to finally have a place to relax after all of that hard work! 

I still have to put the finishing decorating touches on the walls, but it feels like a mansion compared to our tiny bedroom we've been in! Our house is really old and was built over 100 years ago, so the rooms are big enough for a bed and that's pretty much it! I LOVE the character of old houses, but they aren't much for storage space. This room is a little farther away from the kiddos which is great for us, but has proven to be a little challenging for Tessa Grace. She had a ritual of getting up in the middle of the night EVERY night to go potty and to stop into our room and say "Love you mom." It was very rare that she missed a night! The 2nd night we slept in our new room, we could hear our old bedroom door open, then the bathroom door, then our bedroom door again, then the swinging baby gate we have open, then her walking down the two stairs and then our current bedroom door opening. Ha! It was pretty comical to listen to, but she didn't think it was very funny that she couldn't find mom and dad. Last night, though, she didn't come into our room at all, so hopefully she's adjusted now.

Hmmmm........what else.......

Oh, we had some INSANE drama with Thomas James at his 5 year check up. I thought he only had to have a tetanus booster at 5 years. I didn't realize there was a whole set of shots he had to get. The night before his appointment, he asked me if he'd have to get a shot and I thought I'd go with the whole, "honesty is the best policy" thing and let him know that yes, he'd have to get a shot. Well.....honesty is NOT always the best policy. He fuh-LIPPED out. Like cried off and on for 2 hours about it. He finally fell asleep, but woke up and instantly started talking about it again. I promised ice cream if he did good (like any good mother does) and he calmed down a bit. I explained it would just be one shot and it would be over super fast. We got to the doctor and got through the whole visit and then the doctor said the nurse would be in to give shots. And she walked in with a TRAY of shots. And poor Tommy........his eyes got huge and he started bawling. She wanted to do it in his legs, so I was trying to get his pants off and he kept running away from me and screaming, "MOMMY!!! Don't let them do this to me!!" I can laugh now, but oh my........I was so sad and mildly embarrassed. Then I started getting mad because he reFUSED to take his pants off so I basically had to lay on him while the nurse helped de-pants him and then gave him all of his shots. He cried the whole time and just kept screaming , "No, mommy, NOOOOO!" While I don't condone his behavior at all, I get it. I remember getting my kindergarten shots and hearing them say, "You don't have to have any more shots until you're in high school!" and then thinking every year of school that I was one year closer to having to get another shot. And for a kid, they don't have a clue WHY their mom is letting some stranger "hurt" them. It's sad to my momma-heart to think that he thinks I'm just letting someone hurt him. When it was finally over, he calmed down and I made a few jokes about him being stronger than Iron Man and he was right as rain again. And we got ice cream!

Tommy also had a dentist appointment because he's woken up crying several times lately saying that his mouth hurts really bad. I was worried about how he'd do, given the whole "shot situation" and his history or previous dentist appointments (which you can read about here). I prepped him for it (that they were just going to be looking and would probably take an x-ray). And he did GREAT! SO great.

He got to play a monster truck video game until his name was called and that made his day.

He looked so big (and so little) in the dentist chair...

I was so relieved and proud! Quite the change from our last dentist appointment. The dentist said that in the spot where he had previously had a tooth pulled, there was a nerve ending and since Tommy didn't have an adult tooth coming in yet, there really wasn't anything there to protect it, so it could be easily irritated. He also said it was swollen, so to give ibuprofen for a week to get the swelling down and then just use it as needed until a new tooth grows in. So nothing serious, but at least we know the cause of it! They dentist also said one of his bottom teeth was loose, so I'm bracing myself for the drama that comes with Tommy and blood!

That pretty much sums up the last few months. We're getting ready to sign up both kids for t-ball. Tess is close to finishing her first year of preschool. The elementary school just called me to schedule Tommy's kindergarten screening.

And you can find me in the corner, rocking and crying my eyes out because my babies aren't babies anymore. 

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