Thursday, September 10, 2015

My little man's 2nd year!

We made it through our first year of preschool and now we're heading into the second year! I'm not NEAR the basket case this year as I was last year. Tommy is so much more confident in himself and slightly more open and friendly than he was last year, so I'm hoping he warms up quickly to everyone in his class! I feel like he was juuuuuust getting there at the end of school last year, so I hope he didn't regress over the summer.

He was excited to get to Noah's Ark this morning!

I think he felt really cool being the "seasoned veteran" instead of the "little kids," as he likes to call them. I dropped him off and he seemed just the slightest bit nervous, but walked right in and put his bag up. I watched him through the window and he was wandering around a little bit, looking lost. Still broke my heart just a little bit. He's so hesitant to just jump in and start playing with other kids. He found an airplane and started playing with that by himself. I was so hoping he would join the other kids soon!

When I went to pick him up, they were sitting in circle time and he was smiling and talking, so that made me feel better! He talked about all the kids that were there last year and let me know that a few new kids had come this year.   I kept trying to get him to take another picture but he kept saying, "I'm not facing the sun, mom!" So we walked away with this squinty picture :) This boy melts my heart!
I let him choose where to eat lunch and he picked Fazzoli's (truly a child after my own heart!). He had about 2 bites of spaghetti and 3 breadsticks--he's a carbatarian, just like me!! It was nice to just sit and chat, one on one with no distractions. I even let him talk me into a chocolate chip cookie for dessert.
On they way home, he pulled this cute snack out of his book bag...
 (Ignore the chocolate on his chin in the picture above :)

He did so good and I'm glad it was easier than last year! He was SOOOOO nervous last year and hesitant to leave me, but there's definitely been some improvement! 

Love you, bubs!

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