Wednesday, February 25, 2015

You drive me crazy!

This post is dedicated to things that drive me crazy on a daily basis. And although you may have heard some of them already, I just need to vent this, so go with it.

Things that drive me crazy:

*when people sigh after they come out of the bathroom. Ew.

* when people drive in the fast lane for any reason other than passing.

*when my bobbin runs out of thread.

*when I use a public restroom and the toilet seat is warm. 

*when people show up late to their appointments. And they haven't called to let us know they'll be late and to ask if they can still be seen. And they just saunter in like they own the place and without an apology or care in the world.

*when my family (ahem...Nick) puts dirty dishes right BESIDE the dishwasher or dirty clothes right ON TOP of the clothes hamper instead of putting them IN the dishwasher or the hamper.

*when I have to pull forward for food at a drive-thru. One time, I had to pull forward to wait on my iced tea. Huh?!?

*when people use the wrong form of a word. As in they're, their, there. Who's, whose. Etc. (I just reread my whole post to make sure I hadn't done this ;)

*when the toilet paper roll hasn't been started yet and you have to shove your hand up into the toilet paper holder and try to pull it out and it just comes out in tiny little shreds and your wrist gets scratched up on the metal teeth things that are supposed to cut the toilet paper and you find yourself trying to clean up with a handful of toilet paper confetti (don't try to act like this hasn't happened to you).

*when my table paper runs out on my exam beds.

*when people type in all caps.

*when you type something absolutely witty and hilarious in a text and realize AFTER pushing send that something auto corrected and your hilarious, witty text no longer makes any sense. Epic fail.

*when I only need one thing from the store, but it's something vital like toilet paper or chocolate, so I HAVE to stop.

What drives YOU crazy?

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