Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Get your kicks!!

My mom's birthday is on January 3rd and we had planned to take her on a surprise, over-night birthday trip. Unfortunately, on the weekend of her birthday, they fore-casted horrible weather for here and for where we were taking her. So we called it off and rescheduled for last weekend!

We decided to take her from Tulsa to Oklahoma City on Route 66. We left as soon as we could after work on Friday and headed to Tulsa. Mom had to stop at the casino on the way, of course! I stayed in the car and read while her and Whit and Brooke gambled for 20 minutes or so. Then we were on the road! We got to Tulsa around 9:30pm or 10. After we checked in and jumped on the beds for awhile, we headed out for something to eat!

We ended up at a restaurant that was completely empty except for us. But they had some DELICIOUS pasta!! It was so good. After we finished dinner, we headed to the hotel and talked until 4am. I have the best time with those girls! We always find SOMETHING crazy to talk about :)

The next morning, we dragged ourselves out of bed (except for Brooke) and went down to get our free continental breakfast! It was good. After breakfast, Brooke and mom went swimming and I took a loooooong bath while Whitney took a little nap.

Then we loaded up and hit Route 66! I'm gonna be honest and say I thought there would be a lot more to it. Before we left Tulsa, we went downtown to the "center of the universe." It's a spot in Tulsa and if you stand in one exact spot, it sounds like you're in a well even though you're out in the open. It kinds of echos in your ear. It's the craziest thing! And it just happened to be in a district with the most AMAZING name!

My name is never on anything, so I tend to get a little excited when I see it :)

Once we were on Route 66, we decided to just stop anyplace that looked interesting! We found a few thrift stores/antique stores along the way........and to be honest, that was it. I don't know why I was picturing a road bustling with shops, but there wasn't much! But we had a good time driving! And the thrift stores were fun, of course. We ended our drive at Pop's and that was pretty neat. They have over 600 flavors of soda. It's kind of hard to see in this picture, but the front of the store was lined with soda bottles!
 There was a huge pop bottle out front that lit up at night....
 We had dinner there and it was really good! Not quite the "home cooked" feeling I thought it would have, but still good.

After dinner, we started the drive home. I was really starting to miss my babies (and husband, of course!). Nick had texted me while we were eating dinner that Tommy threw up. I was anxious to get home and get some cuddles from me sweet guy! We pulled up to the house and when I walked in, Tommy said, "Mommy!!!!! I threwed up in daddy's barn!" 

Welcome home, Mom. Welcome home. 

It was a wonderful late-birthday weekend for my mom and while Route 66 wasn't QUITE as exciting as we all pictured, she loved it and each of their company is entertainment enough to make ANYTHING fun! Happy birthday, Mom!

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