Thursday, January 29, 2015

Tommy's 4th birthday party

Tommy was SO excited for his 4th birthday! For his party, he kept telling me he wanted a comic book character party. Which is odd because he's never seen a comic book as far as I know. So I convinced him to turn it into a superhero party......which sooooort of turned into a mostly Spiderman party because that's the only decorations I could find :)

I was a little worried he would be disappointed, but I should have known better. We decorated the night before the party and when he walked out and saw this (a banner that I got for $1 and 6 balloons).....
 .......he literally GASPED and said, "Oh, mommy. This is going to be the best birthday EVER! Thank you mommy and daddy for doing this for me." And I was all "who is this kid?!?" Don't get me wrong, he's always polite and grateful, but not usually to that extent :) It was so sweet.

I made his cake and cupcakes (like I will every year, because that's one of my favorite memories from my mom!). I tried to keep it simple, but was happy with the way they turned out! He loved them too!

 We went SUPER simple with the food and had hot dogs, chili, potato salad and chips. It was fast and easy (my kind of meal!).

After we ate, we opened presents. He got SO many awesome presents!  A Dusty plane from the movie Planes, a Thunder Hockey sweatshirt, some super hero shirts, a bunch of bath toys and this....
 .....a hockey goal and hockey stick. I think we found something to keep him busy all summer! He's already spent hours out there playing hockey!

Then it was time for cake and ice cream........

 Can someone PLEASE explain to me how he's already FOUR?!?

And to finish off the party, we played a little pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey.
Apparently, he played it once at Brooke's house for his friend Mallory's party and he has talked about it ever since. Over and over and OVER. When I showed it to him the day after I bought it, he was ECSTATIC! It was the best $1 I ever spent :)

But perhaps my FAVORITE part of the party was the super hero pictures we took. It was funny because the kids weren't understanding the concept of the pictures and it took a little bit for them to understand exactly what they were supposed to do. But I think they turned out cute!

Super Alex!

Super Isabelle!

Super Tess!

Super Essie!

......aaaaaannnnnd SUPER TOMMY! Yeah....he was really tired by this time, so his super hero pose is lacking :)

The next two are my favorite from the whole day! They're epic and will perhaps have their own spot on my wall soon.......

Michael nailed it!

And the ABSOLUTE best because it's just the cutest thing I've ever seen....
Right?!? Are you dying over the cuteness?!? 

Tommy's party was SO fun. We kept it simple and only invited immediate family this year. I usually invite my friends and their kids too, but this was kind of last minute. And while I LOVE having a bunch of kids at our party, I have to say that this year was the easiest and most relaxed party we've had since birth! Our house isn't tiny, but there's not ONE good space to have a big party, so it always feels kind of crammed and full of chaos when a ton of people are there! It really turned out perfect in every way--the guests, the food, the presents, the games! Tommy had a great time and that's what I measure our birthday party success by! 

Happy 4th birthday son!!

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