Monday, January 5, 2015

The look

The know the one I'm talking about. When your husband has done something and you have to break out the raised eyebrow and mildly cocky smile that says, "See? Didn't I ask you that exact question and you said no, but now I know the answer should have been yes and you were SO wrong and I was SOOOOO right?!?"

Yeah, that's the one I'm talking about.

A week or two before Halloween, Nick's company had a tour of their facility. We go every year and it's actually really cool because you get to walk around and see the assembly line and all the tractors and get a better idea of what exactly your spouse/parent/child does almost every day of their life. This year, it was a little closer to Halloween than it has been in previous years. Nick was telling me the morning of the tour that he had just found out some of the people that were working the tour were dressing up in costume and he was debating if he should of not. I asked him if it was a Halloween themed tour and he said he thought so. So I proceeded to ask if the kids should dress up in THEIR costumes to go to it and he was like, "Oh, no. Definitely not. I don't think it's THAT Halloween-ish." I was all, "Uhhhh.........should you make sure before we go, just in case every other employee's child is in costume?" And he was all, "Noooo........I'm pretty sure they shouldn't dress up."

And that was that.

Nick picked up the kids from Brooke's and brought them back to Wichita to meet me so would get to the open house night on time. We met at Wal-mart and I got in his car and off we went. As we were driving up to the facility, a princess walked out from behind a car and started running toward the door.

"Huh!" I thought. Now WHY would a little girl be dressed as a princess? As I was pondering her outfit, a couple of Ninja Turtles sauntered across the parking lot. Now I was all....."Whaaaaa?!?" And then it happened.

I gave him the look.

And he was avoiding me as an awkward silence came upon us. A girl he works with that I've gotten to know a little bit over the years walked past us. I rolled the window down and after saying hi, proceeded to ask if the kids were supposed to be dressed up in costume. She was all, "Yeah! It was in the email I sent out about the event. Didn't you get it, Nick?"

Nick didn't have much to say about that :)

We made a quick u-turn and ran back to Wal-mart to get the kids some costumes. If you know how cheap I am, you know it killed me to pay $20 for a couple of shoddily-made outfits! But I ran inside and found an angel outfit for Tessa and Superman for Tommy. We changed them in the car and went BACK to the open house! It was a hectic 20 minutes, but I'm so glad we went for costumes because every other kid there was dressed up! And, they turned out to be pretty stinkin' cute in their costumes.

I only had my cell, so these pics aren't the best, but you can get an idea of how much fun my kiddos had and how much they LOVED seeing where daddy works!

Sitting in the "big tractors" daddy makes!

Love these three!

 Daddy and Superman showing off their big muscles!

 Daddy and his little angel

Tommy was cracking me up the whole night. You could tell that his Superman costume made him feel like a million bucks! He would take off running and say, "Mom! Watch! Watch my cape! See it?! Did it fly out?" It was the cutest thing and I loved how much he was getting into character. Tessa was.....Tessa. Not too excited about anything!

We had a great time! There was all kinds of games to play and they were handing out candy. And there was a bouncy house, so Tessa was in heaven. I loved getting to see where Nick spends his every day and watching the pride in my kids' eyes when they saw what Daddy did. It was a great night.

And you KNOW I took those costumes back to Walmart as soon as they were done wearing them :)

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