Friday, October 31, 2014

Our first field trip

Tommy's first field trip was in October to the Apple Jack Pumpkin Patch. I might have been completely and unnaturally a little excited about the whole thing and spent a lot of time talking up the trip to Tommy. I took the morning off work to go with him. We were both going to ride with my friend Kristin and her daughter Katie (who's in Tommy's class and is his favorite friend!). We showed up to the preschool and I thought it was so hilarious that every single kid in the class had a parent there with them. I love that our school is so small and that the parents all obviously care a ton about being there for their kids!

We loaded up in Kristin's car and off we went! Tommy was excited and kept talking about the pumpkin patch, so I thought we were in for a great time! son has a way of becoming a completely different person when he's in unfamiliar situations or around people he doesn't know. And this was both of those. 

He got SO shy and wouldn't talk to any of the other kids or play on any of the rides. There was a train (which he normally would have DIED over), but he wouldn't get on it. He kept yelling, "No! No, no, no!" I was starting to get embarrassed by his behavior and frustrated that he was making it miserable for both of us. But in between his moments of anxiety (which I'm REALLY  hoping he outgrows soon), we managed to have a little bit of fun!




As long as we weren't by anybody other than myself, Kristin and Katie, he was fine! He went down the slide and enjoyed the petting zoo animals. He sat on tractors and participated in rubber duck races. He picked a pumpkin and played on the swing set. We just couldn't talk to anyone else :)

But my favorite thing of the whole day was this picture. 

Something about it makes me melt. I feel like the expression on his face captures exactly who he is! Even through the outbursts and anxiety and craziness that's wrapped in this little guy, there's no place I'd rather be than spending the day with him. So glad and blessed that I was able to spend his first field trip with him!

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