Monday, December 22, 2014

I WON'T pick my nose!!

After Tommy's Thanksgiving program (aka--5 minutes of scratching his face and picking his nose) I was a little nervous about how he would do at his Christmas program. I was, however, still extremely excited to see my little guy perform! I love, Love, LOVE watching little kids programs and have always dreamed about the day it would be my children up front belting out Christmas songs about Jesus.

I had a million few talks with Tommy about the Christmas program in the days leading up to it. I reminded him of how he'd been a little silly during his Thanksgiving program and suggested that maybe it would just be best to sing the songs and only move our hands when we're doing the actions the teacher taught them. He reassured me several times that he would do a good job singing and that he wouldn't act silly while he was on stage.

Whew. Glad we got that cleared up.

His program was on a Monday night, so Nick and I hurried home from work, stuffed dinner down and spiffied up our little man. Lately, he's been into "only wearing shiwts wiff cool stuff on dem." I had to prep him about the fact that he had to dress nice for his program. I got an eye roll and a sigh, but he agreed ahead of time to wear a nice shirt and jeans, so he didn't put up a fight on the actual night of the program.

As we were getting ready to head out the door, I started my spiel again about how he should act. He quickly cut me off and said, "MOM!! I knooooowwww! I pwomise I will sing and I willn't pick my nose!"

I laughed a lot and "pwomised" to back off and leave him alone.

We got to his preschool and dropped him off in his classroom. I was already almost in tears while we were finding our seat, just picturing my sweet boy up there. I was nervous for him because I knew he was nervous. He had a hard time letting go of my hand because it was not just his class performing, but the "older" class, too. So there were a lot of kids and......he doesn't do well with crowds :)

We got seated and all the little kids started walking into the sanctuary in their little Santa hats!

I died.

It was the cutest thing!

He was pretty shy at first. He sang about every 4th or 5th word and wouldn't hardly look up. Bless his heart! By the second song or so, he started to loosen up (I use that term lightly). He finally started looking up and around while he was singing.

And by the third song.....he was TOTALLY out of his shell ;) He started making funny faces at me and told me later that because I laughed at the first one, he kept doing it so I would keep laughing (oops!). 

They did 4 songs total and I SO loved watching him. It was perfect and sweet and amazing--and he didn't pick his nose! We were so glad some of his aunts and uncles and grandparents were able to be there to watch also! 

I can't believe I already have a kid in preschool participating in programs!! Where does the time go?!? I remember the Christmas I was pregnant with him and just imagining what our future Christmases would be like. I couldn't have ever thought it to be as wonderful as it actually has been. We love you, Tommy! Thank you for not picking your nose!

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