Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day 2014

On Christmas Eve, we got to sleep in (as much as our kids ever let us!). We didn't have any plans until later in the evening, so we hung out all morning. I made a quick trip to Walmart for a few last minute things and then headed home to get ready for our Christmas Eve.

We headed over to Nick's parents house around 4:30pm. The kids played for awhile while the adults finished up dinner and then we had our traditional Mexican feast. SUCH good food and such good company! After dinner, we went downstairs to open presents.
Tessa got everything she could have ever wanted! She got a puppy that walked and barked (which she'd been asking for for weeks!). She got some princess barbies and a pink basketball. And a Jamaica shirt and necklace! She was in present heaven.

Tommy got everything he dreamed of! He got a remote control helicopter and truck, a Jamaica shirt and necklace, a basketball and a Paw Patrol tower that he is OBSESSED over! 

  Tommy and Tessa got a big gift together--a full size basketball goal!! They LOVED it. Tommy was so excited and asked all night when we would put it together so he could play with it.

 The kids got matching PJs with this set of cousins, too. I'm a sucker for matching PJs ;) Aren't they all just the cutest?!?

After we had dessert (Aunt Michelle's delicious churros!!), we went home and set out some cookies (that I may or may not have gotten from a cookie exchange at work) for Santa. 


The kids were off to bed and slept soundly. And by some miracle, they slept until around 8am on Christmas morning. We woke up to the pitter-patter of little feet running to our room. We got a few snuggles in with Tess before we went and woke Bubba up to open presents. They were in such good moods (thank God) and ready to open more presents!

This picture just cracks me up! Have I ever mentioned my children are NOT very photogenic at times?

I'm finding now that I didn't take many pictures on Christmas morning :( I'm super bummed but I think I was video taping most of it, so at least I have that! The kids each got Broncos jerseys, socks, devotionals and a few other things. Tommy got some Paw Patrol stuff and Tessa got some Barbie stuff. They were thrilled with all of it, of course! I was one lucky lady and got an awesome infinity necklace with a 'T' on it, the white jacket I'm wearing in the picture above, a massage, a purse, some slippers and a shirt! Nick did so good! He got pretty lucky too, if I do say so myself ;) We got him a carhartt coat with a collar, a shirt, a camo coat, a hunting blind and some pajama pants. We had a GREAT morning together!

After we did our thing, we got around and went to my mom's house. We had a delicious meal of all of our favorites. And then we opened MORE presents!

  The kids each got a chair with their name on it. Tommy got a HUGE fire truck, some tools and a ton of other stuff I can't remember for the life of me! Tessa got some shoes, socks, books and more. They had a great time. The best gift of all was one that my sister gave my mom......

She bought her a pink taser. And I swear, my husband played with it aaaaaallllll morning. He thought it was hilarious to hold the taser by somebody while they weren't working and then make it go off so it scared the crap out of them. It was super hilarious........for him. Super annoying (and scary) for everybody else! I was on edge the whole time just waiting for him to scare me next. That thing is small, but it gives off a FIERCE electric charge!!

Our 2014 Christmas was wonderful. We are blessed with two wonderful families to spend our holidays with and I'm so thankful for them all!

**Once again, my kids just ROCK the faces during their pics :) Hilarious!

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