Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Easter 2014

Well, it seems all of my Easters are beginning to have a theme when it comes to the willingness of my children to be stuffed into cute Easter outfits and enjoy the day celebrating what our Savior did for us!

And that theme is..........

It ain't happenin' without a fight.

 Easter 2011--even at 3 months old, he was giving me the stink eye over wearing a suit.
Easter 2012---one really pregnant mama and one really pissed off child

Easter 2013--ummm....yeah. Need I say anything? SOMEbody didn't like her dress.
And thus, I present to you folks........EASTER 2014.

Teary eyes....check. Red cheeks.....check. Crazy fit over wearing a dress that she was SO excited to wear just a mere 18 hours before?.....check.
I didn't even fight for a good picture this year. The photographer and proud mom inside of me wanted so badly to get the perfect shot of the two of them together in their cute Easter outfits. But the fight wasn't worth it!
Even though she fought putting her dress on, once she was in it, we had a great rest of the day! We had celebrated Easter with my family the night before with an egg hunt and delicious meal. On Easter day, we went to church and then celebrated with Nick's family. The kids had a blast with their cousins! I managed to get a "kind of" picture of them individually.....

I think someday, Tommy will win an aware for most photogenic.....but I won't hold my breath.
All the running around they did at the party wore them out (thank God!). Miss Tessa got into her Easter candy on the way home without us knowing it. She gorged herself on chocolate (somehow managing NOT to get any on her dress) and passed out in her car seat.
It had it's moments, but overall, it was a great weekend filled with family and fun and Jesus. And I loved it.
Despite the fit throwing :) And while I didn't manage to get an idyllic picture of my two gorgeous babies in their Easter get ups, I DID manage to snap this gem of a pic that I will treasure forever because it is SO them.
Happy Easter!

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