Thursday, July 25, 2013

Tessa Grace is one!!

To my dear, sweet one year old--

I cannot believe a year has passed already. I'm sure I'll say that time and again when we reach 2 years, or 10 years, or 16 years (God help me when that time comes!). It seems like I was just at the hospital, holding my breath waiting to hear you take your first one. And you didn't.

We were scared to death that we wouldn't get the chance to watch you turn one. Those few minutes that they were working on you felt like forever. What lasted only seconds felt like an eternity. When they finally said you were okay and breathing on your own, it was like a huge weight was lifted off of us. I should have known at that point that you were going to keep life interesting!

They took you right away to the NICU, so the first time I saw you was through a picture on your daddy's cell phone. You were pink and had squishy cheeks and big red splotches all over your face. I remember being very worried about those spots and hoping they would go away eventually :) You were wrapped up like a little burrito and your tiny little face was just barely poking out of the top!
I knew you were finally out of my tummy, but it didn't feel real until I got to hold you five hours later.

And from that moment on, my heart was yours!

I was so scared to go worried about how I would be able to take care of two children. But you made it so easy! You've been very laid back from the beginning. Your brother being in your face didn't bother you. Sleeping in a tiny bassinet in our room didn't bother you. Being left to entertain yourself for a few minutes at a time didn't bother you. You were content to just sit back and take it all in.

Granted, that's changed a little in the last few months. You have definitely started developing your own spunk and personality. You do very well until you get pushed to a certain point and then you want to let us know how you feel RIGHT that instant! You are constantly on the go and will not stay away from stairs or anything that looks remotely dangerous. You have no fear. None. Which is odd, because you're kind of shy and timid when it comes to being around new people or in new situations. But you're willing to be the guinea pig in all of Tommy's adventures. You dive into things head first. I'm a little jealous because I remember being afraid of everything when I was young. I don't think you're going to let anything limit you in life--the sky's your limit, baby girl!
 I'm loving who you're becoming. You're a girly-girl who loves to play with shoes and hair brushes and make up. But you have no problem going out side and getting dirty with your brother. You climb the swing set like a monkey and fight with your brother to get to the trike first. You're so funny, too. You're always laughing and giggling, even if nobody else has any idea why! It's pretty cute!

There are times I see your sweet little dimple and get choked up because I'm picturing it on a grown up, teenage girl face and I can't imagine you as anything but my little baby. And then there are times I see your grumpy face and I get a little MORE scared for the future because I have a feeling there's a looooot of attitude behind that face! But either way, you definitely wear your heart on your sleeve. I'm really hoping you keep that quality because you're so transparent with your emotions. We NEVER have to guess what you're thinking or feeling!

I have LOVED this last year. It's been crazy, it's been hectic, it's been busy, it's been HARD. But it's been awesome. Getting to be your mom has been one of the biggest blessings of my life. It's a privilege and a pleasure. I love watching you grow and learn and can't wait to see the little girl you're going to become in the future. Tessa, you are everything our little family didn't know we needed. You're our sunshine, our laughter, our cuddler, our princess. I thank God every day for giving you to us.

Happy birthday Tessa Grace! I love you more than words could ever say!!

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