Monday, July 1, 2013

11 months

Whooeee. It was really hard to type that post title. How can my little 8lb 2oz bundle of baby be a 20lb almost one year old?!?!

Tessa, at 11 months, you:

*weigh about 20 or 21 lbs.

*are around 27 inches. I think.

*in a size 3 diaper still. I think we're almost ready to go to size 4!

*are wearing size 4 and 5 shoes. You have VERY thick feet. I see shoes being a problem in the future!

*almost completely off of formula!! Daddy's wallet says thank you! We've been slowly mixing your formula with milk and you're doing great! I think we're going to have a MUCH harder time replacing your bottle with a sippy. You like sippys, but you looooove a bottle at night.

*wear size 12 to 24 month clothes--depends on the brand

*have the craziest bed head! It's hilarious! Usually one side is really matted and the other side is really curly and frizzy!

*starting to get a little pickier about what you eat. For awhile, you were eating everything we set in front of you, but lately, you've been spitting out a lot more and turning your nose up at things. I'm hoping you don't get toooo picky! You love having a spoon in your hand and will use it for awhile and then throw it on the ground and use your hands.
*trying your hand at the stairs. You can go up them pretty well but you get so excited about the fact that you climb them that you start to slip. You do okay going down them as long as we're holding your hand.
*make the funniest faces! Your expressions are so cute and.......expressive!

*sleeping like a champ! I'm SURE now that I've written this, it will change, but for the most part, you have been sleeping from about 8:30 or 9pm to 7:30 or 8am. That is the BIGGEST blessing to mommy! I'm terribly grumpy when I'm tired and you have been a pretty great sleeper since you were born! You went through a spell where you were waking up around 5am and staying awake, but that seems to have stopped. Thank you!
*are an expert walker now. I honestly think you're steadier on your feet than your brother! You don't fall hardly at all and have gotten better about looking where you're going instead of just walking into things!

*get very proud of yourself when you get in the fridge, climb up on something you shouldn't be on and get to play with your brother's toys! You LOVE having free reign over his stuff if he's outside or not there!

*are ornery as sin! This............
is the face that says you're getting ready to do something naughty. I wish it wasn't so cute cause it's REALLY  hard to get onto you when you smile like that!

*Are turning out to be a girly girl! You sit very still when I do your hair. You always want to play in my make-up every morning. I constantly find you playing in your shoe basket and you always hold shoes up and try to put them on your feet. I bought you a dress the other day and showed it to you and you just started laughing and hugging it! I think we have a lot of shopping in our future!

*have a lip tie--I think. My friend was talking about how her son has a gap between his teeth because he has a lip tie and I started thinking about how you had a gap. So I looked....and sure enough. It looks like one to me. Hopefully it won't cause any problems....and hopefully your teeth push together, cause that is a BIIIIIIG gap :)

 *are teething again. You have 8 right now--4 on top and 4 on bottom. Your 9th one is poking through on your right top towards the back. We can always tell when a tooth is coming in. You get SUPER grumpy!

*are fearless. It truly surprises me how ready you are to dive headfirst into things! You have no concept of danger, which scares me a little! You're quite the little spit fire! I'm not looking forward to your teenage years.

*are an open book. We never have to guess what you're thinking because it's written all over your face! I don't know where you get that from.......

*have gotten a lot more sensitive. Now that you realize when you're getting in trouble, your feelings get very hurt and your whole face puckers up and the crocodile tears start falling. It makes it really hard to discipline you because I always feel so bad when you start crying.

*are saying mama consistently and have said dada and baba a few times. I'm okay if you hold of on talking for awhile......your brother talks enough for both of you!

I can't believe you'll be one next month! That is so crazy to me. I feel like you were just born yesterday! Where does the time go? I love watching you grow and develop into a little girl. Your personality is so sweet and funny. You love an occasional cuddle and always snuggle up with me when you're falling asleep at night. I feel so thankful that you're my daughter, Tess! I love you!

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