Sunday, February 17, 2013

Round here

Around here, life has been soooooooo busy. And funny. These kids are killing me! Tommy's been talking up a storm. I wanted to jot down some of the things he's been saying lately......

"Nook at neeee!" Look at me--he says this CONSTANTLY and it's usually when he's doing something bad.

"Mom daaazeeey." Mom crazy!--his dad laughs every time he says this

"Ne eat wif ne mouf!" Me eat with me mouth!--he's been saying that whenever he does something with his mouth. He says he licks with his mouth, eats with his mouth, talks with his mouth, etc....

"Ne toot wif ne mouf." Me too with me mouth--he says this when he burps! hilarious!

"Mom talk all day. Ne eat all day. Ne lay in ne bed all day."--basically, he adds the term "all day" to a lot of things he says :)

"Ne dooped. Ne doopy." Me pooped. Me poopy--I hate hearing this sentence

"Ne drive on diwt." Me drive on dirt!!--EVERY time we drive! I told him once he could "drive" but not until we're on the dirt. So now he says it constantly

"Sis woud mouf." Sis is a loud mouth!--I said this once. ONCE. And he loves to repeat it :)

"I know!"--he usually says this after anything we say. I'll say, "You're driving me nuts!" And he says, "I KNOW!!"

"Ne on the teeeeaaam!" Me on the team--he says this when he's playing sports of any kind

He says SO much now, it's crazy. And he pops off with the most hilarious things that have us laughing most of the day. I love this stage--even though he also says stuff he shouldn't. No cusswords yet (unless you count douche bag)......I'm just waiting for that to happen.

He's also been SO into hockey lately. He loves, loves, LOVES to play hockey. This bat and ball......he uses as a hockey stick and puck. He's gone to a few games with uncle Brandon and Nana and can't get enough.

Tessa has been trying SO hard to be mobile!! I'm not ready for that yet!! Just in the last few days she's been getting up on her hand and tippy toes with her tummy off the floor. She stays like that for a few seconds and then flops down. It's hard work learning how to crawl!! I seem to remember Tommy doing this and shortly after he was crawling and shortly after he was walking. NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! SO not ready for ANY of that!

She's also been getting QUITE the attitude lately. She's been letting us know how she feels when we take away toys or get out of her sight or stop feeding her get the picture. Whenever things aren't going her way.

I think it's safe to say she's got her, "No you di-uhnt!" look going on!

These kids are growing to fast!! Someone make it stop!!

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