Monday, February 25, 2013

In the name of love

So, I know it's been a few days, but I decided to make hand made Valentine's this year. Last year, Tommy was SUPER ticked about everything and I was pregnant and SO over it!
But THIS year, I was ready to help my kids show some love to the people in their life! I had seen this idea on this blog that I follow. She did this for her son last year and I thought it was SO cute. When I decided to make the kids' this year, I remembered it and it seemed easy enough, so I went with it!

The point of it is to take a picture of the kids and have their hands held out where it looks like they're holding a sucker out to you. Sounds simple enough, right? Let me tell you how next to impossible it was to get done. Tommy was trying, bless his little heart, but he just couldn't get the hands right!

Here are some of the out takes...........


These kids kill me! They're so funny! Can you tell Miss Tessa has been finding her attitude?

I went with these two as the final pics .......

And this is the final product..................not too shabby if I say so myself :) It was fun to make and I liked the idea that they were personalized instead of a generic store card (although I'm SURE those will sufice in Valentine's days to come!!)
Hope everyone had a happy love day!!

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