Sunday, February 3, 2013

Being a mom

Things I never thought I would say on an almost daily basis:

"Get off your sister's head! That's not nice to sit on her face!"

"Don't wipe your boogers there! Get a kleenex."

"Because I said so (SWORE I'd never say that)."

"Get your hand out of your pants. That's yucky."

"We do NOT eat food from the carpet. Gross. If you're hungry, I'll get you something to eat."

"Get that out of your mouth. NOW."

"Do you want to sit in time out?"--SO annoying when he says yes

"We do not climb in the dishwasher. You could get stuck."

"Where are your pants?"

"Thomas James! THOMAS James! THOMAS JAMES!!!!"

"Go put that back in the trash. NO! Do NOT put that in your mouth! Trash. NOW!"

"No, we don't say douche bag. Mommy shouldn't have said that. I'm sorry. It's not nice."

"Put your tootbrush back on the sink. No, the sink, not the toilet. Get it off the toilet. I said NOT on the toilet!"

" better get in here...........2...........right now, Tommy!....................If I get to 1 you're gonna go to time out.....................TOMMY!....................1. Okay, timeout."

"Do you need to go potty? Are you sure? Did you potty? Wait! Let's go sit on the potty!"

"We do NOT poop on the closet floor! Yuck! That is VERY yucky!! NO POOPING IN THE CLOSET!!!"

"Don't spit it out. Swallow it. No, it's not nice to spit food out on the table."

"Don't tell mommy to hush. That makes Jesus sad. You be nice to Mommy."

"Can you hand that to Mommy?'s right there. By your hand.....No, by your HAND. Not your feet, your hand. Please give that to Mommy........Tommy, it's RIGHT there.......Turn around..........Now look down....DOWN. By your hand. TOMMY, BY YOUR HAND!!!......never mind. Mommy will get it."

He wears me out. A lot. And I say so many things I swore I never would. And while these things make me tired and frustrated a lot of times, he says so many things that make my heart so happy. Like:

"Duff dooo, Mom"--love you mom
"Dis Dod's house!"--this is God's house
"Ne, you, Dad, Sis here!" Me, you, Dad and sis here (he says that when he wants us all together)
"Hi MOM!!!"--usually VERY enthusiastically
"Hug nee"--hug me
"Diss. Mmmmmmuuuuaawwwww!"--Kiss (then he makes the kissing sound)
"Ne tay here!!" --Me stay here (when he doesn't want to leave the house)
"Hode nee"--Hold me (of course I will, sweet boy)

Sigh...........being the mother of a toddler is like riding an emotional roller coaster :)

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