Monday, December 31, 2012

Christmas happenings

This Christmas has been the best one I can remember! Everything worked out so well and we had SO much fun at each event we hosted/went to. It started on Saturday evening. I had planned a party at our house for our familIES and Michael's (Brooke's husband) family. On Saturday morning, I was so tired and stressed out that I was totally regretting planning it. I had no desire to clean the house and get ready for a party.

But we ended up doing our homeless handout and that totally turned around my heart and made me excited to celebrate with our families. It turned out that none of Nick's family could make it, but my mom, sister, Michael, his parents and brother, Whitney and Nick and the kids and I had a GREAT time! We did a white elephant gift exchange that was so much fun! I ended up with the Farmer's Almanac for 2013. Brooke and I fought over an Este Lauder make up case and even though she ended up getting it, she left it at my house! Hahaha! She'll never get it back now :) Nick got some bird seed. I LOVE the randomness of white elephant!

We also played a heated game of spoons! We haven't had the best of luck playing card games with Nick and Michael, but they actually enjoyed this one and got into it. It's such a simple game, but it gets people SO riled up! Love it! Brooke and Michael's mom made it to the final round and duked it out. I can't remember now who won......I think it was Brooke............but it sure was fun to watch!

Then on Sunday, we went to church as a family. I loved it. I love when my whole family is in the House of God together. We kind of relaxed the rest of the day and tried to finish up last minute wrapping and stuff.

On Monday, Christmas Eve, I had to work. No fun. But it was only for 2 hours. Then Hannah and I did some last minute shopping. It didn't feel like Christmas Eve until we got to Nick's parent's house around 6:30pm. We had an untraditional and delicious Mexican Christmas Dinner. We all stuffed ourselves full and then headed downstairs to open presents. All the kids are at such a fun age! I am SO glad Tommy has cousins he can play with that love him to pieces!

We tried SO hard for a picture of all the kids in their PJs, but it wasn't happening :) However, I think it makes a great Christmas card for next year!

Tommy and Tessa got a swing set as their gift from Grandma and Papa! The box is just the hardware and they'll have to get the lumber later, but Tommy kept saying, "Out! NOW!" Tommy also got a football and Mickey Mouse characters to play with. Tessa got some princess characters and a teething necklace! I'm sure they both got a lot of other stuff, but I can't remember at the moment!

They got to open one present from us on Christmas Eve.

We got them The Christmas Story and are going to read it every Christmas! I'm loving starting some new traditions this year!

The kids got to bed around 10:30pm so Santa could come. I had an epic fail as a mom and realized I forgot the whole cookies for Santa thing until Christmas morning. But that's okay! They're too young to remember, right? :) But Santa still came!! More about that tomorrow.............

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