Monday, December 31, 2012

Christmas 2012!!

Christmas this year was everything I wanted it to be. Last year was good, but this year was PERFECT! Tommy is old enough to understand  presents and to love the Christmas lights.

A few nights before Christmas, we drove through Lights on the Lake. He kept gasping in awe at the lights and kept turning to look out his window or sissy's window. They had a place where you could stop and see Santa. I thought we'd be wasting our time because Tommy does NOT like anything big and loud, like mascots or people wearing animal suits or like Santa would be. We've taught him that Santa says, "Ho, ho, ho!!" But other than that, he has no clue what Santa actually does. But none the less, I wanted to try for the picture that every mother wants.....her babies on Santas lap! He did really good while we waited in line. He told Santa hi and said ho, ho, ho!! But as soon as we went to put him on Santa's lap..........not so much. He did the whole body-stiffening thing and was NOT having it. But Tessa liked it!  I just wanted a picture, even if it was of Tess smiling and Tommy screaming but the guy taking the pictures kept waiting for Tommy to sit down, so after a few tries I just told him to take the picture of Tessa and Tommy got out of it for the year!

Christmas morning, Tommy woke up around 6:30am. He was SUPER grumpy but I was trying to be nice even though it was obviously waaaaaay too early for him to be up! He wanted nothing to do with presents, so I made him some eggs and apple juice to try to get him in a more pleasant mood.

It took awhile but he FINALLY snapped out of it! We woke Daddy up (Tessa was still sleeping and I felt a little bad for starting without her but wanted to let her sleep).

His present from Santa was a 4-wheeler power wheels that we  Santa had found over the summer at a consignment sale. It's pretty big so we left it unwrapped in front of the tree so it would be the first thing he saw. Yeah............bad plan. He HATED it!! He was scared to death of it! Nick kept asking him if he wanted to drive because he looooves "driving" Daddy's truck, but he would not go near it! We decided not to push it and went for the other gifts.
He got a bunch of books......

Some bath crayons and a wooden ambulance and fire truck....

 .......and a Mickey Mouse. He has a love/hate relationship with this mouse because it sings and dances. He likes to watch it, but not be too close while it's happening. The first several times, he would say, "Mom! Do it! Ne (which is 'me' in Tommy language) NO do it! Tease (please), Mom!" So Nick or I would push his foot and Mickey would start dancing and Tommy would run as far away as he could, but dance the whole time. Then he finally got to where he would push it, but he'd push his foot and then take off running! Hilarious to watch!
Nick had given me one of my presents the night before, which was a flash for my camera. I've never been so happy to get a present before! I had dropped my camera back in October and the flash broke, but I wasn't sure if it was just the bulb or the whole flash mechanism. The camera place said it would cost $160 to fix. I was heartbroken. But then I got the idea to try an electronic flash, which is just a big flash that connects to the top of your camera. I wasn't sure if that would fix it, but Nick bought me one and it did!! SO glad! We wouldn't have had any Christmas pics without it!
He also got me a massage (SO excited for that!) and Tommy got me house slippers and Tessa got me make up brushes.
  I got Nick a trail camera (like a motion sensored camera to put where he hunts so he can take pictures of the deer that come down the path--sounds thrilling, huh?), a few SD cards for the camera, some BBQ rubs (because he loves trying new rubs) and some socks and a shirt. Oh, and a lumbar support pillow that he was really excited about!
Tessa got some clothes and boots and books. She was thrilled, as you can imagine :) She DID really enjoy ripping the paper off and trying to cram it in her mouth!
 After we were all done opening presents, we tried to get Tommy to ride his 4-wheeler.

He still hated it. We even showed him that Mickey Mouse liked it and wanted to ride it.....

......but he didn't care. He wasn't having any part of it! All day, if something he wanted was by the 4-wheeler, he would point to it and say, "Mom! Dad! Do it!" We'd tell him that he had to go get it and he would cry and whine and refuse to do it. So funny! Hopefully he'll want to ride it SOME day!

After we did our family Christmas, we headed to my mom's. We got soooooo much stuff! We came home with a new set of pots and pans (praise God!! I'm convinced my cooking will be much better with these!), some new utensils, money, a carbon monoxide detector (thanks, Mom ;) and a ton more I can't remember.
 Tommy got a choo-choo that he is obSESSed with! And a basketball goal that he kept trying to open!
They each got some books and other little things.
 But my FAVORITE thing they got was this........
Thank you, Santa!!! We got 2 or 3 boxes of each size we need! And some wipes! We were so excited to open those!!!

Overall, we had such an awesome and blessed Christmas. We got everything we could have wanted and more! I thank God for all of our awesome family and friends that helped make it such a special time of year. My favorite part of the day was snuggling my babies and reading them the Christmas story. There's nothing sweeter than sharing the story of our Saviour with my kids and praying that someday, they understand and accept Him as their Lord. I hope you all had a VERY, MERRY CHRISTmas!!!

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