Thursday, December 27, 2012

5 months

My sweet are getting SO big!!

Tessa, at 5 months, you are:

*around 16 lbs

*25 1/2 inches long

*in a size 3 diaper. Your size 2s were getting too short, but in the size 3, you seem to have a little leakage because they're kind of big. We really need 1/2 sizes!!

*in size 2 shoes. I think you're going to have big feet like your brother

*making the FUNNIEST noises! You just blow raspberries all day and spit all over yourself. You coo and giggle constantly. That's the noises that wake us up every morning. I love it!!

*SO happy. You wake up happy and smiling and you smile over EVERYthing! Especially at your brother.

*can pretty much sit up by yourself. We have to get you in the sitting position, but then you stay up pretty well! You do really good for a few minutes and then it's like you get tired and you just let your body relax and roll :)

*a momma's girl. You love daddy a lot, but you get so excited when you see mommy! You smile and your little legs get to kicking and your arms flap like crazy. I'm not gonna makes me really happy :)

*finally getting your hand/eye coordination together. You have put your paci in your mouth quite a few times and are able to hit your toys on purpose.

*rolling over a lot and we are now unable to leave you unattended on a couch or bed! You can get where you want to be very quickly and it makes me nervous! You CAN roll from your tummy to back, but rarely do unless you're trying to roll across the floor towards something you want.

*playing with anything and everything you can reach. You love anything that makes noise--like the crinkly wipes package, wax paper, stuff like that. You're all about texture and sound right now!

*just so stinkin sweet! I hope your personality stays that way. You're just so laid back and go with the flow!

*eating rice cereal and you LOVE it! Daddy gave it to you for the first time on 12/19/12 when mommy wasn't at home. I was so mad when I found out! But you just gobble that stuff right up!

*drinking 6 oz bottles every 4 hours or so.

*sleeping SO good! I am so blessed that you sleep through the night and am grateful every morning that you sleep so well. God knew I needed you to be a good sleeper! You fall asleep around 9pm and sleep all night until 7am.

*enjoying tummy time much more. You hold your little head up and look around at everything. I'm so glad because you didn't like it for awhile.

*baptized!! On 12/16/12, Pastor Jeff at the Towanda Methodist Church baptized you into the Kingdom of God! I am SO happy we got that done and it went so well. You were happy as could be the whole time!

Tessa Grace, I enjoy every single second of our time together! You are the sweetest little girl and I love holding you and snuggling your and kissing you and making you laugh. I am so happy to see your funny personality coming out more and more and getting to know who I THINK you're going to be! I can't wait to see what the next month holds for you, baby girl!

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