Tuesday, December 25, 2012

23 months

Only 1 month away until my sweet boy is TWO YEARS OLD!!

Tommy, at 22 months, you are:

*29 lbs--almost to that 30 pound mark, buddy!

*35 1/2 inches. Still pretty tall, but your growing has slowed down a bit

*in a size 5 diaper--although hopefully not for much longer! You are starting to get interested in potty training. We're not pushing it yet because I don't think it's worth it to stress us out and you out, but you've gone potty on the big boy potty 6 or 7 times so far. And each time, you've asked to be put up there, so fingers crossed!

*in a size 8 shoe. You've pretty much outgrown all your size 7 shoes

*NOT as good of a sleeper as you once were. You keep waking up anywhere between 6am and 7am. Not cool. I tried keeping you up later, but that doesn't make you sleep in. We have GOT to get this figured out, because neither one of us is a morning person

*still obsessed with Mickey Mouse. Have I mentioned I am SO over Mickey?!?
*talking up a storm! You love to say cracker and juice. Those are probably the 2 words I hear the most during the day. You've also started saying, "Now!" I don't like that. You say about 40 words overall.

*my favorite thing you do is say, "Otay, mom!" Even when you're getting in trouble, I'll tell you to fix your attitude and you VERY enthusiastically say, "Otay, mom!!" Makes me laugh every time.

*such an angry little guy after naps. I don't know what it is, but you cry every time you wake up from a nap. You're fine in the mornings, so I know it's not just waking up that makes you mad. Just at nap time. I'm clueless how to fix it.

*SO funny on the potty. You ask to be set up there quite a bit, but as mentioned earlier, you have only pottied on it a few times. But each time you sit up there, you strain and strain and if any potty comes out, you jump off the toilet, yell, "YAY, MOM!!" and then get back on to strain some more. Hilarious.

*quite the character in the mornings. You do the same thing every morning. I'll hear your little feet pitter-patter to my room, you push the door open as hard as you can, rub your eyes for a few seconds and then run to the bed to crawl up there with me. And then.......you see your sister. And you FLIP OUT. You get SO happy, it's insane!! You hug her and kiss her and say, "Hi sis!! Hi! HI!!" I love to see that.

*when someone is sad, you stop what you're doing and say, "Hug." Sometimes you actually go hug them and sometimes you just say the word.

*getting sneaky. You aren't supposed to say the word hush, so you'll say it, then look at me when I get onto you and then you put your hand over your mouth and whisper it again, thinking I can't hear you. It's so funny, but we have to try not to laugh because you get in trouble for it constantly. You have also been sneaking into the spice drawer. One day, you dumped a bunch out and you smelled like oregano for days.

*in size 24 month and 2T clothes. A lot of the 2T stuff is too big, but if we buy any smaller, it's too short.

*more cuddly lately. You used to hate snuggles and hugs and kisses, but now you give them out all the time and your kisses have become particularly.........special. They last for like, 30 seconds, and whoever you're kissing has to literally wrestle themselves away from you!

*such a weird eater, as most toddlers are, I think. There are days you won't stop eating and days when you eat 1 cracker and you're done. But you love hotdogs (which you call do-dogs) and you always ask for cheese, but never eat it.

*funny! The other day I told you that you needed to go do something and you looked at me and said, "Duh, mom!" I say that to myself a lot when I'm forgetful. I'll say, "Duh, Brady!" and apparently you've picked up on it :)

*emotional! You've just started acting sad when you get in trouble or if your feelings get hurt. It's pretty sad and I feel bad, but it's kind of cute.

*know that Santa says, "Ho! Ho! Ho!!!" You say that when we ask what he says, but I don't think you understand the whole concept just yet. You did good when we went to see him until we actually set you on his lap and then you cried a little. But it wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be!

Tommy, you are so fun at this age! Busy, but fun! You always have us laughing, even when you're getting in trouble because you just say some of the funniest stuff and do some of the funniest stuff. I love snuggling you and am so glad you let me because VERY soon you're going to be "too big" to do that. I can't believe you're almost 2 years old and am wondering where the time has gone. I love you so much, buddy!

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