Sunday, October 14, 2012

This kid, I swear...

I couldn't wait until the 21 month post to talk about Tommy. He has got to be the funniest, craziest kid ever. He makes us laugh every day!

Lately, he's been SO into trains. He walks around saying, "Joo-joo!! Joo-joo!!" ALLLLLL the time. That means choo-choo for those of you that don't speak Tommy. When he wakes up, he literally runs to his toybox to find his choo-choos.

He's been having me read to him at night. I'm really glad because he totally wasn't into books until recently. And just the one book. It's a book about praying! I'll read it to him while he's getting tucked in for the night and when I'm done, he says, "Mooowah!! Moowah!" That means more. Meaning he wants me to read it again and again and AGAIN. And I do because I love him :)

He's started sighing. At the right time. It's SO hilarious, but makes me feel bad because I must do it a lot for him to know how to use it appropriately. The other day, I kept asking him for a kiss and after about 30 seconds of me asking, he turned and looked at me, rolled his eyes, sighed and gave me the weakest, wimpiest kiss he could get by with. I swear he's a teenager at heart.

He LOVES hot dogs. Like, LOVES them. He'll eat two at a time. The other day, Brooke called to tell me he ate his hot dog and kept asking for moowah, so she went to warm up another one. By the time she got back (30 seconds later) he had crawled across the table, taken Mallory's and had almost eaten it all. This kid is rediculous. Poor Mal!

He is sarcastic already. I was driving him to Aunt Brooke's the other morning and I had promised him before we left that he could take his choo-choo and football with him. We get about 3 minutes down the road and he yells, "Joo-joo!!" I cringed and remember I forgot to grab it off the table. I said, "Sorry bud, I don't have  your choo-choo." He said, "Joo-joo ooohm?" (meaning choo-choo at home??). I told him yes, it was at home. He rolled his eyes and said, "Booball ooohm??" in a totally sarcastin tone of voice that made me think he was REALLY saying, "I suppose you left my football at home too, you dirty biotch." I laughed so hard and got really mad at me. Oops.

And last but not least..........the dip. He loves to dip. What can I say? I'll let the picture do the talking.

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