Sunday, October 21, 2012

21 months

He's 21 months yesterday.........which means he'll be TWO in 3 months. What?! Wasn't I just finding out yesterday that I was pregnant with him?

At 21 months, Tommy, you are:

*still not at the 30lb mark. You weigh about 27 lbs.

*are 34 inches tall!

*in a size 7/8 toddler shoe. Your feet are huge! But it depends on the brand what size you wear, so I'm starting to learn not to buy you shoes unless you're there to try them on!

*wearing size 18-24 month clothes and some 2T stuff. The 2T runs a little big, but a lot of the 18-24 month stuff is too short on you, so we HAVE to go one size bigger.

*talking a LOT. I remember being worried that you wouldn't start talking.......but you have. Constantly. It's kind of funny because you have "conversations," which really just consist of you saying your favorite 5 or 6 words over and over. It usually consists of, "Booball! Mom--dog! Dad!! Sis!! Booball! House!" You say about 30 words:

booball (football), dog, duck, house, home, do it, juice, dink (drink), mom, dad, tess, teesuh(please), no (you say this far too often), yes, joo-joo (choo-choo), truck, uh-oh, oh no!, oh yeah, on, down, moowah (more), Dook (brooke), Mal, Dee (Addi), Dit (Whit), Nana, Papa, guck (yuck), goss (gross) , gooker (cracker), gook (cook), minni mouse, da dog (hotdog)

I'm sure there's more but can't think of them at the moment! I'm sure you'll be saying even more in no time! People told me it would happen over night and it has!

*so funny! When you like something, you've started going, "Oh yeah!" And when something bad happens, you get a really worried look on your face and say, "Oh no!" in a very serious voice.

*Mr. Independent. You want to do everything yourself. You've started pulling chairs up to the counters to get stuff, so we have to be REALLY careful not to leave out any knives or stuff you shouldn't be eating because you will get anything and everything your little hands can reach.

*SOOOO into sports. You sat pretty still during the football game we took you to recently. And we watched a hockey game and you kept pointing and yelling, "GO!!" Any ball you see is a booball (football). I can't wait until you're old enough to start playing!

*in LOVE with Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. The way you say it is hilarious! You say, "Mini-mini-mini MOUSE! ON!!" And when it comes on, you stop whatever you're doing, stare in awe and then start dancing to the hotdog song.

*not a very good listener :) You are a very strong willed young man and we have started having to use the "3-2-1" method. When we say 3, you stop in your tracks and look at us with an onery grin on your face. We get to 2 and you can see on your face that you're weighing continuing your naughtiness and getting punished or giving in and doing what's right. We say 1 and you start running to us to do whatever we've told you to. But you're usually too late and have to go to time out anyways :)

*in love with animals. Of any kind. You like to talk to them, point at them, pet them, feed them, etc. Anything to do with animals, you're in.

*busy, busy, busy. We always see the back of you walking or running away from us. You love to swing and slide and I FINALLY feel comfortable letting you run around the playground equipment without worrying that you're going to jump off the ledge or something :)

Tommy, you are such a fun, smart little boy. I can't imagine not having you in my life (although I'd probably have a lot more time on my hands :) You keep us busy, but you keep us laughing. We're learning a lot about discipline! But you are such a joy. I thank God that he gave you to us. I'm SO glad we get to be your parents! I love you!!

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