Tuesday, May 1, 2012

What a weekend

Nick and I were both really excited for last weekend to come. We'd been waiting and waiting and WAITING! He was going on a hog hunt with a bunch of his friends and our almost-brother-in-law. And I was spending the weekend with my mom, sister and Tommy and we were hitting up Benton Days and garage saling to our hearts contents!! It actually started out perfect. My in-laws asked if Tommy could hang with them on Saturday and I was more than happy to oblige so he could play with his cousins and I could go to garage sales without getting him in and out of the car a million times. Win-win situation!

My mom and sister stayed the night Friday and then we dropped Tommy off Saturday morning and hit the town! The first garage sale we went to, they were selling a TON of polos in Nick's size, but nothing was marked. I asked a lady how much a t-shirt was and she said $1 and honestly, I would've payed a few bucks each for the polos, but I made my mom wheel and deal for me. She said she'd give her a $1 each for the polos too and the lady said okay! So I got 7 shirts for $7. Sweet deal and they were all name brand. I was keeping an eye out for a crib mattress because we were going to buy a white crib brand new from Wal-Mart for $125 but it didn't have the mattress. So I held off on ordering it. But we pulled up to a garage sale full of pink clothes and there was a crib mattress! So I bought it and a ton of clothes for Tessa (I know, she already has too much!). We found a bunch of stuff along the way---storage baskets for the kids' room, more clothes, lots of clothes, and did I mention, we found some clothes?!? Let's just say, my kids could wear a different outfit every day for 2 weeks :) Anywho........my in-laws brough Tommy back to Benton in time for him to watch the parade and I'm SO glad he was there. He LOVED it!! I thought the loud trucks and little cars and sirens would scare him, but he just stood on the side of the road with his eyes wide open and laughing at all the loud noises. It was so cute!

But the BEST part of the day..........was the very last garage sale we went to. It. Was. HEAVEN! It was at the storage units in Benton and there were 3 or 4 of them open. I saw a peak of a white headboard in one of them and my heart started beating fast and my palms got sweaty (I'm not exaggerating). I knew in my heart I was seeing the back of a crib. And lo and behold, I walked up to find a white crib that looked almost brand new. And then it got better. It had a mattress!! And then it got EVEN BETTER. The price tag said...........wait for it.....................THIRTY DOLLARS!!!!! What?!? Sold. Done. Loaded in my Jeep before anyone could steal my treasure. And to top it off, they were selling baby girl shoes for $1 a pair. I snapped up 5 pairs, threw them on top of the crib and drove away before anyone could tell me I was dreaming.

We ended the day with massages and dinner from On The Border. It was like the cherry on top of the sundae!

And then Sunday happened. And I wanted to cry and rip my hair out. We got up and got ready for church and Tommy was grumpy (he's been teething). This was our first week to church without a paci, so I was nervous. That's the only thing that ever made him be quiet in church. I LOVE going to church and need to go to church, but after Sunday, I really don't think we'll try again for awhile. He was SOOOO ornery. We sang a lot and he did great during that because of course, he could be loud and nobody could hear him. And then the service started. And he threw a fit because he got told no. And he screamed and stiffened up his body. So I picked him up, hauled him and my pregnant butt down a MILLION stairs and left. Our nursery worker doesn't seem to be extremely helpful, so I can't really leave him there. I watched once through the door and he was crying hysterically and she just kept saying, "Shhhhh...." Not real effective on a one year old. He needs someone to hold him and pick him up for a few minutes and distract him until he forgets he was left alone! But that never happens, so I don't know what we're going to do about church. I wish we had a bigger nursery or a cry room or something.

And then we went shopping with Aunt Brooke. We had lunch at Noodles & Co. and it was delicious. But I was trying to be nice and give Tommy a little sip of my Dr.Pepper and Mr. Independent tried to rip the cup out of my hand and managed to spill the whole thing all over himself and the stroller. Awesome.

And then we went home. And saw Nick, which was awesome since he'd been gone all weekend. But something bad happened. Nick was upstairs and me and Tommy were hanging out downstairs. Tommy was standing in this little arm chair he has (that's like 5 inches off the gound) and he somehow managed to trip over the side of it. Which wouldn't have been too horrible, except he hit his mouth on this plastic storage tub we had out. And chipped over half his tooth off. His FRONT tooth. The poor baby was bleeding and after all that was cleaned up, he looked like a hillbilly! So we're making our first trip to the dentist tomorrow. He doesn't seem to be in much pain, but I hate that it happened.

So my weekend was a perfect mix of lovely and insane--which seems to be the theme of my life :)

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