Thursday, May 3, 2012

THAT kid

Well, I took Tommy to the dentist. And he turned into THAT kid. You know the one I'm talking about. The kid where you try not to stare because you understand what the mom is going through but you just can't help yourself because they're so loud and bratty and annoying--that was my kid at the dentist.

He chipped his front tooth Sunday night and they got him in yesterday morning for an appt. He's never been to the dentist and since we took his paci away, he has had quite the attitude. So I was dreading this appointment and prayed the whole way that he'd be in a good mood. I think God was trying to teach me something (PS. It didn't work God! I was too embarrassed to learn any lessons!!) because literally, the second me and Brooke walked through the door with him, he flipped out. He was crying and squirming to get down and stiffening his body. When we let him down, he tried to run through open doors, pull magazines off the tables, whatever he could get his little hands on. Poor Brooke--she was trying to hold him so I could do paperwork and I'm sure she was hoping and praying in her head that everyone knew that was MY bratty kid, not hers :) They called us back really quickly and I made some stupid joke out of nervousness and embarrassment that the nurse gave a weak pity smile to. I had turned into THAT mom--the one that tries to make excuses for her baby and let people know that he's not normally like this while everyone nods and thinks, "Yeah right."

The dentist office was awesome and I wish so badly Tommy could have calmed down and enjoyed it. They had TVs above each dentist chair--which normally distracts him very well, but nope, not yesterday. I was trying to sit in the dentist chair and hold him, fill out paperwork and keep him from getting down. We were a hot mess. He was still whining and struggling to get away from us when the dentist came. He started screaming (which turned out okay because the dentist could see inside his mouth since it was wide open) and continued to cry the whole time. The dentist told me exactly what I knew he would say. We had 3 options: 1) leave it until it he loses his baby tooth. 2) Cap it now but he'd for sure have to re-do it in 1-2 years. 3) Wait a year to see if the tooth has fully grown out of the gum and cap it then.

The "care about what other people think and not let my son get made fun of EVER" part of me wants to cap it now, even if we have to repeat it later. The mom in me says there's no sense in sedating him twice just to make sure he looks good now. But I think we've decided to go back in a year and have it capped then. I don't want to send him to preschool with a snaggle tooth and if we wait to cap it, he should only have to have it done once. Besides, you really can't see it because his lips cover it. Only when he smiles or cries is it really obvious. So for now we will have a chipped-tooth little guy and I'm already starting prayers that when we go back in a year, he doesn't act the way then that he did yesterday.

Tip of the day: don't let your kid stand in a baby arm chair when there's plastic storage bins nearby. It could result in a hillbilly baby :)

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