Wednesday, May 9, 2012


This last weekend was SOOOOO much better than the week before. As mentioned in a few previous posts, Tommy had not been in the best of moods and was showing his attitude quite a lot in some REAAAALLY unattractive ways. And it was happening a lot in public, which only makes everything worse because you're embarrassed and exhausted by the time his fits are over.

So I have to honestly say, I wasn't exactly looking forward to the weekend. I was weary and praying that we would all get along well so our weekend could be peaceful. And it was. Thank you God!! Friday, Nick had to work 2pm to 11pm, so Tommy, my mom and I ate some dinner at Gambino's and then hung out at mom's house. He minded pretty well and got to run around outside a lot, so he was happy for the most part! He ended up staying the night with my mom, which was awesome because when Nick got home, we got to actually talk and relax and enjoy each other's company without disciplining or chasing a toddler or getting milk cups or snacks. It was so nice. My cousin's daughter had a birthday party the next day, so my mom was going to just bring Tommy to our house Saturday and then we were going to the birthday party. Well, Nick and I must have slept really good because we heard someone banging on the bedroom door Saturday morning and it scared me to death. But I looked at the clock and it was 10:45am and my mom was there with Tommy! I don't think I've slept that late for 2 years. It was awesome!!

I hurried and got around and went to the party with mom and Tommy. After that, Nick, Tommy and I went into Wichita to buy a laptop. I know, I know, it's ridiculous that we didn't already have our own computer. But it's something we just kept putting off and FINALLY decided to bite the bullet and buy with our income tax return (since we actually got one this year! It'll be nice since we'll have 2 dependents next year ;). 2 1/2 hours later, a gallon of sweat and 50 sheets of paperwork later, we were the owners of a Dell laptop with wireless internet. Geez louise, what a process that was. Ridiculous. But glad it was done. Tommy was antsy at Best Buy but I don't blame the kid. It was so stinkin hot at that store and like I said, we were there FOREVER. He was SO good. No tantrums, no fits.....just wanted to walk around a little bit. Then we went home and relaxed awhile. Nick and I had a gift card to Willie's in El Dorado, so we dropped Tommy off with his grandma and went out to eat and then did something SUPER romantic--got groceries together :) Not the most exciting thing in the world, but it was nice just to BE together alone. And dinner was delicious.

We stayed home from church Sunday and hung out all morning until Brooke and I went to a 31 party (which had some fantastic stuff I wanted!!). Then we got to hang out again as a family until Nick went into work. Tommy was so sweet and cuddly and lovey all weekend and had just a few short fits that were ended as soon as we said he would have to sit in his play pen if he wasn't good (and I cannot BELIEVE that threat works, but it does!).

I just had to share that God is good and after the way I felt last week, it was so amazing to have an awesome weekend with my son and husband. I felt restored and replenished and like a good mom with a good kid. I hate going back and reading the posts where I'm frustrated or down or empty, but it's such a good way to see how God never fails. He promises not to leave me and He doesn't. He dries every tear and lifts my chin and gives me the encouragement and energy I need to keep going. I am so very blessed.

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