Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Mother's day

My mother's day was amazing. Even better than the first one :) I guess it was technically my first mother's day as a mom of two--CRAZY!! It was also my birthday, which helped the day to be extra special!

We got up and I got ready for church. Nick watched Tommy so I could go to church and actually LISTEN and enjoy the sermon. It was so good to just sit and listen instead of chasing Tommy around or trying to keep him quiet.

After church, we went to On The Border---um, does it get any better? Tommy was pretty good during lunch. My granny entertained him, so he did okay without any huge fits. I got to enjoy a delicious meal with all of my family. It was so nice. We haven't all gotten together for awhile, so it was fun to have everyone at the same table. And to be at OTB :) It's my favorite. As a matter of fact, I'm getting hungry just thinking about it right now..............

We stopped by Tom and Esther's on the way home to see them for awhile. We spent about an hour there and gave Nick's mom her present. Tommy was sooooo tired and fell asleep on the way home--bonus! After we got home, Nick and I got to hang out and spend some time together while Tommy was still sleeping. Nick had to work that night, so he left around 7pm and my mom came over a little while after that to have some momma-daughter time.

Nothing too exciting, but a day that I'll never forget. Oh, I got an awesome present for "birthother's day" as my husband called it (birthday/mother's day). He got me a new video camera! I'm so glad because my last one just stopped working and I was freaking out about Tessa coming and not having anything to record some of her first moments. So that definitely made the day even better!

I finally understand what Mother's Day is all about. I'm so glad to be able to call myself a mom. It's the most amazing thing I've ever experienced. The responsibility is scary and more than I ever thought it would be, but the reward is even better. Knowing that I get to come home to Tommy every day--and soon, to Tessa as well--is the best feeling in the world. He loves me unconditionally and I love him in a way I never knew possible. I thank God for my babies every day and can only hope I'm doing a good job as a mother. I love you Tommy and Tessa!!

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