Friday, May 25, 2012

Big boy!!

Tommy slept in his big boy bed for the first time on 5/22/12! We decided to switch him to a toddler bed when Tessa comes but I figured it would be better to try to get him accustomed to it now, rather than having a bunch of new stuff happen to him all at once.

Our bedroom is in the basement right now, but it's the only bedroom downstairs. With two babies, we decided to move upstairs and have them share a room and we'll be in the room right next to them.

But until we actually move upstairs (which we're delaying as long as possible), his toddler bed is in our bedroom so that I can keep him beside me to make sure he's not up and wandering around in the night since he can't be confined. Hopefully he'll be used to it by the time we move upstairs and I won't have to worry about him getting out of bed and me not hearing him.

He had a lot of fun checking it out and thought it was SO neat to bounce on it (which we tried to quickly nip in the bud).

He got a little more daring than I would have liked and almost knocked out 5 more teeth by jumping all over it, but hopefully the excitement will wear off and he'll lay off on the jumping.

The first night was pretty good. He rolled out of bed a few times (one time resulting in him rolling underneath his bed and me panicking because I couldn't find him!!). He didn't actually wake up when he rolled, just kind of cried out and kept sleeping. But the last two nights have not been so awesome. Between waking up every 2 hours to pee and him waking up and being confused and scared every 3 hours, I am one tired mama. But hopefully he'll get completely adjusted over the weekend. I bought a side reail last night, so that should prevent the rolling. Fingers crossed that the next few nights are better!

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thehobbs said...

We are going to brave the big boy bed on Monday. Here's to hoping it goes well for both of us!