Tuesday, May 22, 2012

30 weeks

Can it be that I really only have 10 (at the most) weeks to go?!?! Hallelujah. But we better get going on the kids' room or we'll be living in a messy house :)

How Far Along? 30 weeks!!

Maternity Clothes? Yup....or bigger sizes of non-maternity stuff. Like summer dresses. They make me look like a cow, but feel like a comfortable pregnant lady.

Weight Gain? I've gone back and forth between 6-8 pounds this week. Hopefully it's more towards 6 when I go to the doctor on Friday :)

Stretch Marks? no new ones
Gender? A little lady bug

Sleep? Decent! I've been sleeping pretty well thank the Lord.
Food Cravings? sweets. Of course. I have hardly any cravings my whole pregnancy and the week of my 3 hour gestational diabetes test, I want nothing but ice cream, sugar and candy.
What I Miss? Moving quickly, getting off the couch without counting to 3 and heaving myself forward while holding onto the nearest object to launch myself off

Symptoms? swollen fingers--gone a few days without the ring :(, swollen ankles, heartburn, short temper (you're welcome).

Movement? All the time. Feels much different than I remember with Tommy--more rolling and twisting than just kicks.

Belly button? In

Worst Moment of the Week? Having some spotting yesterday. Had to go in, but they didn't do anything that they couldn't done over the phone (which I just KNEW was going to be the case, but went in anyways). Just told me to "take it sort of easy", call them ASAP if it happens again or I have any cramping at all, etc.
Best Moment of the Week? My shower on Sunday. It was SO fun!! I got tons of diapers, wipes and pink stuff. It was so good to see everybody and catch up with friends and family. Thanks to everyone who helped make it such a special day!!

Scariest Moment of the Week? The spotting---but thank God it turned out to be nothing! Her heart rate was good and she was moving a lot, so they weren't too concerned.

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