Sunday, May 20, 2012

16 months

My little Tom cat is 16 months old and NOT so little anymore. He's getting tall and gangly--losing most of his baby chub :( He just seems like a different kid in the last month or so!!

Tommy, at 16 months you are:

*weighing in at about 26 lbs

*32 inches tall

*in size 6 shoes--how did this happen?!? Your feet are huge!

*wearing size 5 diapers still. Hopefully you'll be in size 5 until we get you potty trained. How are you feeling about that by the way? Cause mom and dad are sooooo ready :)

*repeating a LOT of words (so we're trying to be careful what we say around you!). So far, the ones you say regularly are: mama, dada, dog, uh-oh (this has been your new favorite and you say it ALL the time with your hand help up in the air like you just canNOT figure out what happened), oops (oofs!), yes (yesshh), no (we've taught you to say "No-no!" and shake your finger, but you don't always do that when you say no), ball and bath.

The words you've been repeating or that I've only heard you say once or twice are: love you (yub ooo), ouch! (owssss), done, hush! (we say it to the dog when he's barking), yuck (uck), gross (goohhsh), book (ook) and my absolute FAVORITE is................Tess!!! You say, "Dessh!" and then kiss my tummy. Love it!

*climbing on EVERYTHING. Dad sent me a picture a few weeks ago with a caption that said, "We're in trouble." and it was you, sitting on a kitchen chair that you'd gotten up on by yourself. You're climbing over your baby gates and your pack and play. You have a horsey that you've started to play with a lot and you do "tricks" and stand on it's back all the time. It's insane and scary! No head injuries, PLEASE!

*understanding pretty much everything we say. You throw things away, bring us stuff we ask for, know who to take things to when we tell you names, etc. You're a smart little boy!!

*obsessed with your "shows." We watch Pocoyo and Ni Hao, Kai Lan alllll the time. I mainly use them just to get you to sit still for a few minutes. There are some times you are just exhausted and running around like crazy and keep hurting yourself because you're in speedy mode, so I turn on a show and you actually stop moving for 5 minutes and then we turn it off and you seem to be a little calmer. It oddly enough almost helps you regroup :)

*"helping" mommy and daddy all the time. You want to be doing whatever we're doing. You are such a good boy to pick up your toys and help me "fold" (which usually means take everything out of the basket and throw it around the room) and switch the laundry from washer to dryer (which actually is helpful). You love messing with the dishwasher too. You'll still be that way when you're a teenager, right?!?

*hilarious. You have this laugh that you do when you're being silly and it's not your real laugh, but it's SOOO funny!

*mostly over your defiance stage (for the time being, anyways) but are still extremely stubborn. You are doing what we tell you to do, but it takes you a few minutes. The other day you were playing in the trash after Daddy told you not to, so he spanked your hand and it made you cry. Then I told you to tell him you were sorry, so you walked over to him and gave him a big hug and sat on his lap. For the next 5 minutes, you held your hand up and just "talked" to him in this sad little voice. It was SO cute and funny. It's like you were saying, "Daddy, why'd you do that?" and he would tell you that if you listened, we wouldn't have to spank your hand. And then you'd go into another tirade of word-like noises while still holding your hand out to show him. And you interjected a few hugs throughout your speech. I wish SO bad I would have had my video camera out. Priceless.

*really starting to be sweet and lovey. You haven't always been big on cuddling or hugs, but lately, you'll run up and throw your arms around our necks and give us some big kisses. It's the best thing in the world.

*still love being outside. Like, you would live out there if you could. You'll go get your shoes and start pulling on our hands and making us walk towards the stairs when you want to go out. It's hilarious, but frustrating that you aren't content to hang out inside any more because mommy gets waaaaaaay too hot to sit out there for long.

You are at such a busy but fun age. I love to watch your face when you're playing because I can tell you're thinking SO hard about what you're doing. You are starting to pick up things really quickly, which is exciting, but scary. You're a dare devil, but I think you're KIND of starting to understand that when you do some things, it's going to hurt. But you usually attempt them anyways--just a little more cautiously than you used to :) You make me laugh every day and have been in such a good mood lately, so we've had a lot of fun together. I can't wait to see you as a big brother--especially now that you're getting to be more cuddly. I hope you and your sissy are best friends. I couldn't ask for a better son!! I love you, Tom tom.

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