Friday, May 13, 2011

My 1st Mother's Day

Well, for a 1st Mother's day, I would say Sunday took the cake. It was such a great day!! Saturday night, Nana asked if Tommy could stay the night with her for HER mother's day gift. I said yes and was kind of happy and kind of sad about it. Happy that I would get to sleep through the night, but a little sad that I wouldn't get to see my little guy as soon as I woke up. But Nana REEEEEAAAALLLLY wanted him to come over, so I let him go. And I DID enjoy my Saturday evening. I got to do some long overdue crafting I've been dying to try but is next to impossible to get done when I'm constantly being interrupted to feed him, burp him, change his diaper, find his binky, make his music bug sing, etc.

You mom's know how it is!!

I finally figured out all the felt flower tutorials I had been watching and made a few cute hair clips and headbands. Then I slept through the whole night although I did wake up once at about 4:00am out of habit. But rest assured, I QUICKLY went back to sleep! I got up early and got ready for church in record time. By this point, I was ready to hold my baby boy!! We went over to my mom's and picked her and Tommy up and headed to church. He was so good! He always is, but for some reason I always worry that he's going to be loud and noisy. And then I stop and think, even when I hear someone else's baby, it doesn't bother me or make me mad, so why do I worry about it so much?!? Who knows.

Anyways, after church, we went to lunch at Gambino's with my momma. Then we went out to the Raft ( a private pond where Nick's parents park their camper year round) and they made fajitas. We were outside most of the time and even though it's early May, it FELT like mid June. It was a scorcher!! Tommy did great until about 2 hours in and then he got hot and tired. We both welcomed an excuse to go into the air conditioned camper, so I fed him and then we caught a little cat nap. The best part of my day BESIDES spending it with my two favorite guys was getting my first Mother's day gift/birthday present ( I have a feeling I'm going to get a lot of those since my birthday is always close to Mother's day)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I got a Sony Bloggie Touch!! It's a video camera that takes pictures too.
I just KNOW he LOOOOVES all of mommy's kisses!

I haven't quite figured out how to download the videos, but I love having a video camera. And you can take a picture WHILE you're taping. LOVE IT!! And now I'm going to share a few more pictures that explain WHY I love being a mother so much!

I mean, really. Are words really necessary after you see those squishy lips?!?

Hope you all had a great Mother's Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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